Looking to join a creative team?
Creative Parc is always looking for talented, motivated creatives. Send us your information and tell us why you'd be a great fit!
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+ Bachelor degree

+ Strong critical thinking skills with excellent attention to detail

+ Consistently bring enthusiasm and new ideas to the table to contribute to the growth of the company

+ Be passionate about your work. Have a strong work ethic, accountability and the willingness to learn new skills, take risks and adapt to Creative Parc processes

+ Can excel in a fast-paced environment and manage multiple projects at once
These are the types of people who we be a great match for our team:

+ Knowledge of Wordpress, HTML and CSS
+ Copywriting Skills
+ Design / Illustration Skills
+ Photography Skills
+ Motion Graphic Skills
+ Social Media Management Skills
+ Project Management Skills
+ Sales & Marketing Skills
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What would make you a great addition to our team?
If we feel you would be a good match, we'll reach out! Thank you for your interest, but no phone calls, please.
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